The Right Question!

In the ambiguous, dynamic and unpredictable world, the only way to resolve issues or to create new solutions is to ask right question!

What is a right Question?

The right questions have the ability to reveal information towards solution instead of problems. They are effective in creating new neural networks in human mind for new and creative thinking.

The ability to ask the right question is more than half the battle of finding the answer- Thomas J watson

Need to ask right questions

Questions as a tool are part of each and every conversation, relationship and transaction! Mastering the art of asking right questions help you create maximum leverage and harmony in any relationship. At the same time it helps you to be more influential, confident and effective.

Consistently generating and practicing to ask right questions take some effort and understanding. Here are couple of tools that can help you do that.

Tools to create right questions

Tim Gallwey’s inner game equation does wonder’s when it comes to crafting effective questions!

According to Tim Gallwey,

Performance can be understood as the outcome of any activity, Potential is its best capacity and Interference are the things that come in the way while someone trying to be at their best capacity.

As a general tendency, humans tend to focus on removing the interference however as per Tim Gallwey, performance accelerates when someone shifts all the concentration from Interferences to Potential, which mean disempowering the interference by giving more power to Potential.

Let’s understand this through these examples:

1. Reason for low performance: I was scared

Interference question: Why were you scared? Or What were you scared of?
Potential question: What would you do if you weren’t scared?

2. Reason for low performance: I am confused

Interference question: What are you confused about? Or What do you want to do?
Potential question: What clarity do you want?

3. Reason for low performance: I can’t do this

Interference question: Why can’t you do this?
Potential question: How can you make it work?

Before you ask, always assess whether your question focuses on Potential or Interference?

Another way to assess the quality of your questions is to see where is your language focusing? The iceberg model categories the levels in which a conversation can be viewed.

The two question test would help you decide the focus of your question:

• What are you questioning? (Focus and Intent)
Are you questioning the person, issue, expectations or emotions, past

• How are you questioning? (Construct and Tone)
Are you challenging, encouraging or blaming etc.


Questions as a tool can simplify lot of situations, relationships and thought processes to create better results. Practicing to ask right questions can help you save time, energy and talent. So, whenever you are asking questions, assess what are your questions doing to others.

Are they producing answers or are they producing explanations?

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Jaya Bhateja
Jaya Bhateja

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