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Given the nature of my work, my clients expects high level of confidentiality and privacy and i respect them fully in their choice.  I am humble that they have shared the testimony of my work with the condition to keep their identity confidential. Incase you would like to talk to a particular one, please reach out to me. I shall try my best to seek permission to connect you.

Kiriti Sen

Life, Career & Relationship Coach

The learning experience with Jaya was excellent. It impacted my Coaching style in an enduring way. The mentoring process is very well designed and effectively executed. It has helped me to deepen my understanding of different facet of Coaching.

Jayesh Pandey

Managing Director Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization

Jaya worked with me in building Coaching Skills for HiPo Principals in Accenture Management Consulting. She was able to custom design a complete program, including a 2 day in person high intensity workshop for an immersive experiential learning. The audience were highly appreciative of the skills and the delivery method, as well as the facilitation that Jaya led. In addition, the team that worked with Jaya was highly appreciative of her leadership, grasp of Coaching as a subject matter expert and her energy in the delivery of the program.

Sunil Kumar Tadepalli

Principal Director at Accenture in India

Jaya is an extraordinary coach, facilitator and above all a good person. She is constantly looking to develop herself and support others in unlocking their potential.
I have interacted with Jaya on numerous occasions and found her to be insightful, purpose driven and wanting to make a difference. She brings in a sense of calm and assurance to the room. Her style is subtle yet she is determined in her focus on delivery! I look forward to working with her if and when opportunities arise.

Major Avtar Singh

Leadership Development Coach

I got an out of the blue opportunity to be mentored by Jaya and it has been an amazingly awesome experience. In-spite of my over 40 years of work experience and numerous coaching certifications, experience and knowledge, the experience of working with Jaya has been highly enriching, wholesome and realistic. She is as amazing a Mentor as she is a coach. Highly open, interactive, humble and a great listener, her mentoring helped me clear my perspectives about different aspects of coaching and took me to the next level of my pursuits. She is a great contributor. She is on a journey to make this world a better place for coaches. If you are looking for profound shift in your coaching career, approach and practice, I highly recommend Jaya for the great mentor that she is.

Linda Riemer

Accenture Strategy Learning & Talent Development Lead

Jaya is a passionate, self-motivated individual. She is organized and highly focused. She brings her passion for coaching to all project work. She has strong abilities in training and learning as well. Jaya is a strong team player and works well with all levels of employees.

Indrani Ganguly

Resident Editor cum Content Manager at

I was immensely benefited by Jaya’s coaching skills. She never imposed her views on me. The sessions I had with her never felt like therapy. They were more conversational. She made me realize that the answers lie within me and I just needed to probe deeper. She knew which areas to focus on exactly. Jaya has a deep and empathetic understanding of women’s issues and that helps her approach as a coach. She is the right mix of professionalism and friendliness. She has helped me evolve as a stronger person; helped me find my niche as a professional as well as a human. I highly recommend Jaya as a professional coach. The positive changes that she brings in one’s personality are tremendous.

Yaduvendra Sharma

Executive Coach at Grow More Avenues

It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Jaya. I had the pleasure of having Jaya as my mentor. I have worked with her over the last couple of months where I wanted to establish further growth as a Coach. Since our start, I have to confess I have grown & surpassed beyond my expectations. Under her mentorship, I have developed new techniques to management of Work & Life situations and effective way of thinking. As a Mentor & Coach, Jaya earns my highest recommendations.

Richa Sahay

Soft Skills and Behavioral Coach

Being Coach is a wonderful profession and in this journey I have been amazingly supported by Jaya. Met her at TPC Leadership Coaching Program almost a year back, and she has gladly extended her guidance regarding Coaching which I found quite valuable and encouraging. Her Coach Mentoring program that I attended has been a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow and discover both my patterns and potential. Besides being wonderfully structured, Jaya’s genuine interest in supporting me made the program just the right choice for my learning and growth as a Coach. I would highly recommend her Coach Mentoring program. Truly Awesome, holistic and enriching.

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What do other clients say about Jaya?

Jaya makes very good use of tools (including emotional de-layering, visualization, meditation exercises) and at appropriate times in the coaching process.  This really helped me move forward as well as providing clarity for me.  In addition, she has a very calm demeanor and approach which I personally found very helpful in creating a trusting environment and one in which I had space to reflect.  I also never felt rushed to get there – Jaya was very patient and from this I take that she successfully reached all judgment and allowed me to find my own answers, in my own time.  Her questioning skills are extremely good, they never carry judgment and I always felt progress was made in the session. Her positive Thinking and positive approach towards life adds a strong flavor to the whole coaching process.

Jaya is a wonderful person. She is intellectual, supportive, calm and balanced. So many times, she has given a different perspective of thinking by asking intelligent questions. She does not flow with your story but remains focused and listens carefully and is able to understand what is being said irrespective of the fact that how jumbled or confusing it is in your head. She takes personal interest and helps you to decide on what is right or wrong and how to take decisions. She will not give an answer but will give a direction so that in future one can decide himself.

I myself have learnt so many things during my coaching journey like significance of personal values, methodology to balance the wheel of life, importance self worth, the methodology of diffusion of confusion etc. which have completely changed my perspective of thinking and decision making. Moreover, the learnings on the Gratitude were amazing and it energies me with full of positivity.

With Jaya being a Coach, you can surely reach where you want to be from where you are. I am so grateful and I really don’t think I myself would have made a difference in my life in such a short time frame without Jaya’s support and advice. A never ending Thank you Jaya…!

–Partner, Law firm (Name kept confidential on request)

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