Mentoring Program for Coaches

Looking to become ICF certified, renew your existing coaching credential or move up to your next level of accreditation?

About High Impact Coaching program

A structured learning environment with the opportunity to observe your coaching from 360 degree perspective. The program support you to become aware about your strengths and blind spots so that you can create a focused action plan to continuously develop yourself.

We fully support you to build your coaching skills, further develop mastery in the ICF competencies and emerge to pass the credentialing exam with presence and confidence.

WHY Credential?

In a recent ICF study, 83% of respondents who had engaged in a professional coaching relationship said it was “somewhat to very important” for their coach to have credentials.

This program is for:

This program is ideal for you if you are a certified coaches who:

  • Need 10 (or fewer) mentor hours to meet the requirements for the ACC or PCC credential applications.
  • Are renewing your credential and need mentor hours to meet renewal requirements.
  • Want an objective assessment and personalized 1:1 mentoring from an experienced PCC and Mentor Coach to sharpen your skills against the ICF Core Competencies.

The program covers:

  • 10 hours of mentoring or 10 CCEUs against the mentoring hours
  • Deep practice sessions focused on the ICF core competencies to apply for credentials and ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

Schedule and structure

The program has three components.

  1. Seven virtual sessions of 60mins each in a group setting.
  2. Three one-to-one virtual coaching sessions of 60 minutes each with the Mentor coach.
  3. Minimum three coaching triad practice sessions outside the class
Yaduvendra Sharma

Executive Coach at Grow More Avenues

It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Jaya. I had the pleasure of having Jaya as my mentor. I have worked with her over the last couple of months where I wanted to establish further growth as a Coach. Since our start, I have to confess I have grown & surpassed beyond my expectations. Under her mentorship, I have developed new techniques to management of Work & Life situations and effective way of thinking. As a Mentor & Coach, Jaya earns my highest recommendations.

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