Coaching skills for Leaders

Situations when the service can be taken

You would like your senior leaders to be more influential

Leaders need to enhance their potential for growth

Your organization has stressed people which is impacting their productivity and contribution

The culture of the organization believes in building long term sustainable leadership

How to fix it?

  • Assess what are the key leadership styles that are required for the growth of your organization

Outcomes you can expect

  • Effective way of conversations that lead to enhanced accountability and leadership in longer term
  • Enhanced engagement and willingness to contribute
  • Sustained Leadership approaches that stays relevant for long time

How the program works?

  • The program is modularized into five modules to be conducted over two months
  • Each module is for half a day on alternative week to give time for implementation in between
  • The foundational coaching skills program covers the essential skills and practice for managers to apply coaching methodology in daily leadership

Sunil Kumar Tadepalli

Principal Director at Accenture in India

Jaya is an extraordinary coach, facilitator and above all a good person. She is constantly looking to develop herself and support others in unlocking their potential.
I have interacted with Jaya on numerous occasions and found her to be insightful, purpose driven and wanting to make a difference. She brings in a sense of calm and assurance to the room. Her style is subtle yet she is determined in her focus on delivery! I look forward to working with her if and when opportunities arise.

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