Managers to Leaders Group Coaching

Situations when the service can be taken

You would like your organization to be effectively leading millennials

You looking at creating new age leadership beyond skills and competencies

Accountability, Authenticity and Responsibility are your key needs

How to fix it?

  • What’s making the conventional leadership ineffective in modern workplaces

Outcomes you can expect

  • Ownership and Accountability driven leadership
  • Inclusive, Effective and efficient work culture
  • Enhanced engagement in teams with better managed stress

How the program works?

  • This program is for High potential leaders who are setting the foundation for future.
  • The program starts with identifying the key team of leadership (10-15)
  • Psychometric assessment for all individual helps in identifying gaps for team and individuals
  • Customized approach for the team includes 3 workshops and individual coaching sessions to ensure blended learning experience
  • 360 degree and individual assessments to measure the impact of the intervention (optional)

Jayesh Pandey

Managing Director Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization

Jaya worked with me in building Coaching Skills for HiPo Principals in Accenture Management Consulting. She was able to custom design a complete program, including a 2 day in person high intensity workshop for an immersive experiential learning. The audience were highly appreciative of the skills and the delivery method, as well as the facilitation that Jaya led. In addition, the team that worked with Jaya was highly appreciative of her leadership, grasp of Coaching as a subject matter expert and her energy in the delivery of the program.

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