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Is your performance parked at parking lot?

How to drive your performance at work?

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4 steps to hire a professional for yourself !

Confused with so many self-help and development professionals mushrooming around you? Take this small assessment to find a direction.

Where are you Blame Vs Responsibility?

Gratitude Poster !

If you are grateful for what you already have, then only you can ask for more. Gratitude is the single most gesture to invite abundance and peace in whatever you want to grow. Get into the habit of daily gratitude through this poster.

What does your inner voice say?

How much are you living?

Coaching for Consultants

Coaching and consulting are two opposite skills, here is how you can leverage the coaching skills for high impact consulting.

You happiness is about your focus !

ZOOMOUT- shape of your performance!

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ICF Competencies In Metaphor Language

How about a hybrid of Apple, Orange and Pineapple?

DESIGN- The Coaching Model

Would you like to create a high impact conversation? The DESIGN coaching model navigates you to different stages to create a long lasting impact in your conversations with anyone.

Role of emotions in Coaching- A short research paper

The paper focuses on understanding the role of emotional intelligence in the coaching process. A resource for Coaches.

Presence Vs Absence – A power Tool

A short article on how your presence or absence impacts your coaching conversations.

Power of acknowledgement in coaching

A short article about the magic that acknowledgement creates in the coaching conversations and relationships.