How does a perfect leader look like? Does this coaching help becoming a better leader?

A perfect leader is an individual who can inspire and empower others to lead !

To produce more leaders, an individual need to be very secure and self-assured to provide opportunities to others for growth and learning.

Coaching is a systematic process of raising self-awareness and emotional intelligence in leaders to be able to manage their own emotions, fears and insecurity so that they can be more authentic and accountable leaders.

When do we start noticing the difference of the coaching in my work and life?

Coaching is a partnership process where you design strategies to work with your life and emotions. While you create action plan and strategies with the coach, implementation is the key to create a positive change! No action, no reaction !

Do I have to be a senior leader only to avail the coaching?

Since Coaching is a partnership process, you need to be open and willing to work on some of the identified areas. If you are, age and title is no limit !

What is the success rate of this coaching in addressing the mid life crisis?

Success depends on action, your coach is there to support you with creating solutions and to listen to you non-judgmentally. As an analogy, the coach can help you make your desired meal and you can also learn how to eat however eating has to be done by you, unfortunately no one can do that for you!

What leadership skills are taken into account to improve during this coaching?

Anything and everything which you are not able to deal with otherwise, Coaching process help you raise accountability in any areas that you wish to work on.

Does the coaching becomes less useful if taken online? How effective it is as compared to a face to face session?

The Human connection has no replacement however the technology today makes it financially viable and effective for us to conduct the sessions online. All the work needs to be done between sessions, the sessions are for exploration and progress status. I have been coaching people through good technology and never got a feedback otherwise. You need to choose what works for you as an individual, everyone has a different way of connecting.

Do I receive some notes or reading material to follow and refer?

I do everything possible to enrich your learning journey, that includes tools, reading material, links, book references etc.

How do I know I need a life coach or leadership coach?

If there is something you want to make progress in your Life then “Life coaching is the place”. Only condition is that you need to be open and willing to take action. In case you are looking at specifically work on a leadership trait “Leadership Coaching” is the place. Best is to leverage our 45mins no obligation complimentary coaching session, which will help you create a focus.

Even if you don’t know what to work on and you feel a bit stuck, you can leverage the complimentary session to gain clarity.

How does Abhyudaya stands out compared to other senior ICF coaches?

We leverage best of the methodology to bring value for our client partners and run Abhyudaya with passion and commitment. Each and every client is a special person for us and we take our work very personally. Openly asking for feedback for improvement and continuously evolving is our single most mantra. We believe in staying humble to the blessings and opportunities as we are in service of humanity. Some of the achievements that make us feel proud and provides assurance that we are on the right path are as follows:

  • Coaches in Abhyudaya have real life experience to be inspired for this work
  • A decade of Industry experience makes the solutions more practical
  • International certifications validate the tools and knowledge that we bring
  • The Founder has been recognized with “100 Best Global Coaching Leader Award in 2017” which is eminent recognition of her commitment to purpose and existence of Abhyudaya
  • Our founder believes in continuous life long learning and hence we invest in our learning every year which keeps are solutions upto date and relevant

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