4 Principles of Powerful Presence

Arnav is a senior executive in a leading technology firm. He is Impressive but Influential, He is able to push his ideas but can’t get people to contribute their creativity, He work long hours to get the execution done but isn’t able to inspire. He works hard and his team does everything that he says but never contribute to what they were capable of. Arnav lives a scarce career which has only his ideas around and nothing new or creative from his high potential team.

What is Arnav missing?

Several conversations revealed that he is scared of loosing his position. His self-esteem was attached to his job title and he wasn’t open to new ideas and thinking. He doesn’t want to take any risk with his goals and targets. In this whole career, he kept achieving his own targets however kept loosing the trust of his team. The team wasn’t inspired by the work they were doing and perceived Arnav as a non sensitive person. Long term impact is that the team is just not fully creative and innovative.

Arnav’s and his environment was unfortunately not allowing the high potential people to create original solutions which can ooze out of their creativity.

This is not only Arnav’s story…several leaders show up like Arnav at their workplace..

Situations like this demands strong leaders to feel secure inside so that they can create space for their teams and still be available around for them through their Strong Presence. The current workplaces demands leaders to Influence without imposing anything. And hence building a strong presence is no more a choice for people leading teams especially millennial.

Several conversations and studies reveal four key elements that can help leaders build a strong presence for themselves and their teams:

These elements can help create internal security and Powerful Presence for leaders.

  1. Intention & Clarity: Here Intention is not about good or bad, it’s about the knowing the purpose of taking a particular decision. Being aware of it creates clarity for self and others. Once a leader is aware and clear about the Intentions they can transparently share it with their teams. This sync supports leaders to show up in a strong way leaving minimum place for aggression, defense, manipulations, disappointments or unhealthy conflict.
    Being clear about your purpose and intention as a leader, human being and a contributor for organization creates huge amount of security and understanding. Leaders then operate from an abundant mindset resulting in creating space for everyone.


  1. Humility: Humility is a direct manifestation of inner security. In the complex world of choices, every leader is constantly forced to make a choice between kindness and rightness, a strong presence is a manifestation of kindness irrespective of the situation. Thinking about a bigger picture constantly can support in finding reasons for being kind.


  1. Confidence: Understanding about one’s unique value proposition creates internal confidence for leaders. It’s then about leveraging strengths of everyone one versus proving yourself. Confidence is not only intellect but it’s more internal settlement of one’s strength and focus.
    You may find leaders who are confident in normal day to day situations however they shiver in stressful situations and there are people who can show up strongly either ways.


  1. Preparation: The above internal characteristics are half baked without your content. “What you say” is very important to effectively utilize time, energy and credibility. Having a strong presence and not been able to substantiate your stand doesn’t take your very far. Style is good when you can stand for your content.
    Even before a casual conversation at workplace, preparation is very critical. Prepare to reduce all the random conversations, emotional reactions, commitment and comments that can create unnecessary conflict at workplace.
    In this high tech environment, creating a powerful presence is not an option for people leading teams, your unique asset is your Presence. How are your experienced is more important than what you know!


Don’t believe me, Think about your environment and notice the leaders who inspired you! What is their Presence all about?


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Jaya Bhateja
Jaya Bhateja

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