3 Reasons why you can’t be absent to yourself ANYMORE!

Presence, the most essential traits for senior leaders today!

Be it a technology sector, consulting, manufacturing or any other Industry, technology has begun to dominate everywhere.

Regular interactions with leaders reveal that focus on your strong Presence is becoming a need for individual professionals, leaders and organizations.

Here are the 3 reasons that create the need for building strong Presence for individual leaders as well as organizations:

  1. Relevancy: When it come to your own job, with the world changing so fast, work places are transforming at exponential rates and hence the expectations from leaders is also rapidly changing. Today leadership is challenged with some of the critical traits like Authenticity, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Innovation.
    The workplaces demands leaders to be more of THEMSELVES along with what they know.Intellect to a large extent belongs to technology and hence the leaders are demanded to be more HUMAN by leveraging the power of connection, thinking, dreaming and developing people proactively, something that technology can attempt but can’t replace.
    Qualifications are a good filter for hiring however the workplaces are constantly challenging leaders to show up in real senses. Taking tough decisions early in their careers, leading authentically, connecting with their teams at the human level, inspiring and engaging them to be creative and innovative are some crucial ones.
    In fact, Presence at hiring process plays a vital role to create confidence about the credibility of the candidate.
    So it any role that you play in an organization, Presence is seeked as a key trait..before and during your role in the organization.
    In a way,Heart vs Mind….where mind is getting slowly outsourced to robots like Sophia and Heart’s potential is yet to implemented at maximum organizations. To stay relevant to the modern workplaces “Presence” is coming out as a very critical trait.
  2. Influence: For the organizations and leaders who like to change with time, Influence is NOT an option anymore. With crowd sourcing or gig economy taking over, relationships, Influence, Inspiration are some of the criteria’s that make professionals work with you. Business conversions are factor of better relationships where there are choices to be made between multiple good options.Having a strong presence is about your Influence on yourself first and then on others.
  3. Network: A presence creates slow but strong networks. Since presence is about authenticity, you connect with people at the Human level which helps you build long lasting networks most of the time which can support you not only in your work but can turn into worth while relationship.Networking is a key to get through your time and life, work, business and relationships in a productive and abundant way..Your presence determines your network !Focusing on building a strong presence boosts your credibility, reliability and influence, irrespective of the context you are operating in.
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Jaya Bhateja
Jaya Bhateja

Jaya Is a globally certified life, leadership and Mentor coach! And the winner of 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award by world HRD congress (Feb 2017). Connect with her over the complementary session and she ensures you the value for your time!

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