12 clues of Presence

Do you know how you are experienced by others?

With technology taking so much of our attention, most of the professionals are outsourcing all the interactions to apps and the result is that they avoid several opportunities to show up as a Leader. However, given the diverse disruptions we are going through, it is just impossible to avoid the task of motivating, influencing and inspiring others in the organization. Infact the more and more you go up the ladder your primary focus is to create influence and inspirations.

The examples are all around you..think of people who are full of competence and experience but lack the gravitas you are looking for ! You might call it leadership qualities or substance or persona or energy etc.. the overall Presence is what you are looking for.

While understanding and developing Presence are a very difficult task, here is an attempt to provide clues that help us understand what it looks or feel like.

Tell us which one resonates with you?

A strong presence is energy that needs no introduction.. 

Presence is content with security and simplicity..

Presence is openness to learning and love..

A strong presence doesn’t seek attention, it receives one..

Presence looks for opportunities to give value to others..

Presence is not an act, it’s a synchronous state of body and mind..

Presence means to be in BEING always, everywhere with everyone.. 

Presence has nothing to loose..

True presence is state of mind with inner confidence with acceptance that you can’t know or have everything.. 

Presence is substance dipped in vulnerability..

Presence is more of Intent vs formula..

Presence build trust before dialogues or conversations..


Which one is your favorite and why?


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Jaya Bhateja
Jaya Bhateja

Jaya Is a globally certified life, leadership and Mentor coach! And the winner of 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award by world HRD congress (Feb 2017). Connect with her over the complementary session and she ensures you the value for your time!

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